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GO to the following directory where you have mounted your ISO file like

cd /mnt/iso/latex.iso

Installation in GUI mode

The installer supports the GUI mode as well to install in GUI mode issue the command given below

  • install-tl -gui Default for UNIX system
  • install-tl -gui Simplified GUI installtion  on Windows.
  • install-tl -gui perltk  Advanced GUI installation

Download LINK

To download visit the following  http://mirror.example.org/ctan/path/systems/texlive/tlnet

Downloading in FEDORA18, or RPM based system

to download in rpm based system simply run the given command below

#yum install texlive

Path setting in LINUX Environment

after the successful installation  you need to setup the environment variables, in linux the environment variables are not automatically setup to setup environment variable inssue the following command, here i have used x86_64 system so issue according to your machine

#export PATH=/usr/local/texlive/2012/bin/x8_64-linux:$PATH /strong>

Use the syntax for your shell, your installation directory, and your binary platform name instead of i386-linux.Post-install: setting the default paper size


you can test by issuing command

#pdflatex myfile.txt


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