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To create the Customs command’s in Latex we use \newcommand  command,  simply type the following code to create the new command

\newcommand{\manoj}{This is my new command}

when you execute the above command by running \manoj it print This is my new command

for instance,



\author{Manoj Gautam}

\title{Making new Command in Latex}

\date{may 2 1990}


\section{Simply calling the new command}

\newcommand{\manoj}{This is my new command}

\manoj is writing some post about latex




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Some basic commands that format the word into specified format

\textbf=> Format the word in bold shape

\textit=> format the word in italic shape

\texttt=> Set the hyperlink for the desired text

\textrf=> format the word in the roman-font

\textss=> Format the word in sans-serif font

\textsc=> Format the word in small caps format

\sffamily=> We can directly set the word for sffamily using this comand

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Latex already do some formatting with text, lie \section command define the subtitle in bold face with more bigger heading, and many more, but with that it is not sufficient to make article or any documents more appreciable, so we need to dig down for actual text that rely under the heading and subheading.


Text can be \emph{emphasized}.  % the emphasized word is emphasized
Besides being \textit{italic} words could be \textbf{bold}, %  word italic printed in italic form
\textsl{slanted} or typeset in \textsc{Small Caps}.  %word textsc printed in Caps letter
ltext can be nested \textit{\textbf{nested}}. % here word nested is italic and bold

Note: character % we use here is for comment

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Command Structure in Latex

When you see that follow the backslash  while formatting your documents, remember, it’s the latex command, means LaTex Command begin with a backslash.

Command may have arguments, given in curly braces or in square brackets. when you need to call the command, you just need to follow the structure of command like

\command[optional1 optional2]{argumet} In this command,  you see command takes several arguments that may within square bracket or within curly braces, make it clear, the argument within curly braces are mandatory while arguments in square brackets are optional

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Fundamental template in latex system is called class, There are many templates like templates for bookwriting, articles, letters presentations and for posters and many more, as you know the first line start with \document class, when you see the word begin with backslash remember that word we called command latex system class are used to state documents types and properties like date, author and title

Preamble: The first part of documents is called the preamble of the document, This is where we choose the class, specify the properties, frankly speaking this preamble define the GENERAL formatting of the documents 

\begin{document}: Starting of this command indicates the end of the preamble and the beginning of the actual document

\end{documents}: This command marks the ending of the actual documents 

\maketitle: Print the title, author and date

\section{‘Introduction’}:  This command is used to format the heading of each section in bigger and bolder format

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 After successful installation of Latex in your system, we are going to create the simple documents using latex for the formatting of documents we need to write some command as below, and be aware this command are the compulsion command to write any documents using latex system, and I comment for each command for what they do.

\documentclass[a4paper, 11pt]{article} %specify the type of documents, the document we are creating is article type

\begin{document} %article has beguan

\title{this is testing in linux} % Title of article

\author{Manoj Gautam} % author of article

\date{may 2, 1990} % date when article was written

\maketitle % format for subtitle

\section{This first Paragraph} % name of subtitle

This is testing in latex for the first time do you want to continue for that we are extremly sorry for the bad reloading of the page and I swear that this can % this is the content of subtitle

\end{document} % specify the end of article

After writing all the above structure in you favorite text editor you need to call the command which convert the above formatting into the PDF file

 [manoj@root]# pdflatex yourfilename.txt

When you issued the above command from your terminal the latex engine convert your specified format of document into PDF file which look like this,

This is testing in linux
Manoj Gautam
may 2, 1990
This is first Paragraph
This is testing in latex for the first time do you want to continue…………

This is testing in linux
Manoj Gautam
may 2, 1990
This is first Paragraph
This is testing in latex for the first time do you want to continue…………

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As you guys already know, what is latex if you don’t.  you can have a look in this  page. To install the Latex system in Linux host firstly, we  simply run the yum search command to search the latex that match our architecture, after that we run the yum install command to install it  and this is generally the first method. Second method to install latex in our system is to download the huge ISO file form the tux.org website and install it in Linux host machine

To install the Latex form the repository issue the following command

STEP1: Search Latex in fedora repository

[root@manoj-PC manoj]# yum install latex

STEP-2: Installation Latex

[root@manoj-PC manoj]# yum install texlive texlive-latex

STEP:3 Creating PDF documents using LATEX

To create the first documents in latex open any favorite  editors of yours  and put the following commands as shown below

This is my first program in Latex and I am very happy to having latex system in my workstation

In the above scripts \documentsclass  define the size of paper that you going to use and font of the characters, while the type of documents that you are going to write is article.

\begin{documents} command tells your tex engine that the actual documents writing process has began

\end{documents} command tell your tex engine that the writing documents has come to end

after doing all above process now it’s time to convert it into PDF format to do so, simply issue the following command in your terminal

[root@manoj-PC manoj]# latex yourfirstprogram.txt

when you issued the above command the latex engine convert your textfile into PDF file along with the texsetting that you provide to the texEngine(Latex).

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