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Fundamental template in latex system is called class, There are many templates like templates for bookwriting, articles, letters presentations and for posters and many more, as you know the first line start with \document class, when you see the word begin with backslash remember that word we called command latex system class are used to state documents types and properties like date, author and title

Preamble: The first part of documents is called the preamble of the document, This is where we choose the class, specify the properties, frankly speaking this preamble define the GENERAL formatting of the documents 

\begin{document}: Starting of this command indicates the end of the preamble and the beginning of the actual document

\end{documents}: This command marks the ending of the actual documents 

\maketitle: Print the title, author and date

\section{‘Introduction’}:  This command is used to format the heading of each section in bigger and bolder format


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