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Be clear, Linux is not an application, It is an Operating system, Like other Operating System, It provide the five functions to the computer system

APplication Platform:  It provides the platform where applications run and make a way to access to CPU and main  memory for the proper functioning.

Hardware Moderator for Applications: It act’s as a mediator between running applications and the system hardware, as we know most application doesn’t written to directly address the system hardware. It this case the application call the prewritten code of the operating system to that provide the access to system hardware and peripherals, code for accessing the input output devices, code for accessing the communication ports and code for accessing the main memory, this is the condition  where application program simply reuse the code of operating system to access the system hardware, Operating system manage applications by allocating a segment of memory to each applications which ensure that one application does’t try to use memory that’s being used by other applications.

Data Storage: The Operating system is responsible for providing the data storage method for application users to the storage devices in the efficient way

Security: Operating system provides the security to stored data by defining different policy method,

Connectivity: It provides the different connection method via different port using different connection media

Linux KErnel: Linux kernel is the heart of the Operating System, it’s itself a mini operating system, it’s main function is to allocate the hardware resource and provide the way for application as well as system software to access the hardware

Libraries: Libraries are the prewritten code, that use by the application programmer’s in their program’s  use of libraries in programs can save the huge time of programmer, application programmer can call the operating system libraries in their application for the proper function of their applications


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