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Guys, In this tutorials I will show you how to install torrent client in the Linux host machine. The torrent client that we are going to install is Transmission Torrent Client, to install this software in your host machine you must have active internet connection, OK let’s start with our objective. The Linux host machine that we are going to install is Centos OS version 6

We will install our torrent Client in the two steps

FIRST STEP : Enabling the  EPEL (Extra package for Enterprises Linux)

EPEL is the software repository for enterprises linux like (Redhat and Centos ) which contains the hundred of thousands of software applications, the reason behind enabling the EPEL repository is , Transmission Torrent Client is in EPEL repositories. To enable repository open your konsole and issue the following command as below

Issuing the First above command download the rpm files to default download location like DOWNLOADS and second command rpm -ivh filename tells the terminal as i in the command line to install the downloaded rpm file which finally enable your repository in your host machine.

Second Step: Searching for the Transmission Torrent Client  using yum command from your console issue the following command in your console to search the Transmission Torrent Client from your host machine, as shown below

# yum search transmission

Third step: Installation of the Transmission Torrent Client :

TO Install the Transmission Torrent Client in our host machine we issue the simple command using yum as shown below

# yum install transmission*

Fourth Steps: Lunching the Transmission Torrent Client

# transmission-gtk

To launch Transmission Torrent Client issue the command transmission-gtk from your console which brought up the GUI to you bas shown in the above snapshot.


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