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what is shell ?
A shell is a program which accepts of series of text line and interprets the entered Command.
There are different types of shell in Linux system, Some of the common shell are as follows.

BASH: Bourne Again Shell
GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash) is the shell which is Cloned form the UNIX system in Linux

BSH: It is Bourne shel in which BASH is based, Generally it is the symbolic link for BASH
SHell in Linux system

TCSH: This is the shell which is based on the earlier C Shell

CSH: C Shell=> This is the C shell

KSH: Korn Shell, This is developed by taking the best features of CSHell and Bourne Again SHell a

ZSH: Z shell, more extending shell than Kshell and add more features from previous shell along with
the additional features.

In linux Shell scripting most of the users run the BASH shell as it is the default Shell in the system


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