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Security: Security is the most essential part of every organization, every human beings , it is the fundamental requirement of life, here we are not concern with the literal part of the security,we are concerned with the  those factors which arise the the requirements of Security in the organization.

Four Terms associated with the Security management in an Organization;

Asset: Asset is the anything in an Organization that must be protected, or we can define the Assets as the Valuable thing of the Organization which must be protected at any cost, We can define assets in the other way like, THE THING WHICH IS EVERYTHING FOR AN ORGANIZATION THAT MUST PROTECT AT ANY COST

Vulnerability: IT is the weakness in a system or a design, that can damage the system by the attack, in summary weakness in the system

Threat: IT is the Potential danger to the network infrastructure or Information

Countermeasure: It is the protection that destroy or mitigate the potential threat

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