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Python has following features:

Scripting Language: 

What is Script:? We define script as a program that controls other programs, when you need a quick development and prototyping here is the scripting language that you use, Scripting language are good on passing message from one component to other and have a good capability of memory management so you don’t need to worry about it.

Python use High-level data types:?

High level data types are the human understandable data and you know computer doesn’t know about high level data types, yes python use high level data types while defining the variables in the program, which are easy to manipulate, the use of high level data types in python programming make ease of program understanding  and formatting for example: string=30; here string is the integer variable which types is defined by the assigned value  and this is also the cool features in python programming.

Python is Interpreted: Interpreted  language are those languages which can directly run from the source code, they don’t need to converted into the machine code while execution, while the compiled language need to be converted in machine code before they get run. Example of Compiled programming language is C++, Interpreted language have disadvantage that, It is little bit slower than compiled programming language

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