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Guys, In this tutorials I will show you how to install torrent client in the Linux host machine. The torrent client that we are going to install is Transmission Torrent Client, to install this software in your host machine you must have active internet connection, OK let’s start with our objective. The Linux host machine that we are going to install is Centos OS version 6

We will install our torrent Client in the two steps

FIRST STEP : Enabling the  EPEL (Extra package for Enterprises Linux)

EPEL is the software repository for enterprises linux like (Redhat and Centos ) which contains the hundred of thousands of software applications, the reason behind enabling the EPEL repository is , Transmission Torrent Client is in EPEL repositories. To enable repository open your konsole and issue the following command as below

Issuing the First above command download the rpm files to default download location like DOWNLOADS and second command rpm -ivh filename tells the terminal as i in the command line to install the downloaded rpm file which finally enable your repository in your host machine.

Second Step: Searching for the Transmission Torrent Client  using yum command from your console issue the following command in your console to search the Transmission Torrent Client from your host machine, as shown below

# yum search transmission

Third step: Installation of the Transmission Torrent Client :

TO Install the Transmission Torrent Client in our host machine we issue the simple command using yum as shown below

# yum install transmission*

Fourth Steps: Lunching the Transmission Torrent Client

# transmission-gtk

To launch Transmission Torrent Client issue the command transmission-gtk from your console which brought up the GUI to you bas shown in the above snapshot.



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After Typing some letters of command, and then pressing the TAB key auto complete the command
it can auto complete the commands as well as the file-name.

It’s function is to keep the record of every command that typed previously in our shell
The set of commands are stored in `/.bash_history file


Pressing the CTRL+A take the cursor to the beginning of command line and similarly
pressing CTRL+E put the cursor at the end of line


This Shortcut move the cursor one word forward and backward of your command in your linux shell



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Initial Command in Linux System

PWD: Print working Directory

This command print the working directory, or print your location in the system

exec program.c: This is the external command as exec command tell the external file program.c to execute
in the system

time: Time command give the spent times that the command take to execute in the sytem for example time pwd tells you how long the system took to execute the pwd command.

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what is shell ?
A shell is a program which accepts of series of text line and interprets the entered Command.
There are different types of shell in Linux system, Some of the common shell are as follows.

BASH: Bourne Again Shell
GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash) is the shell which is Cloned form the UNIX system in Linux

BSH: It is Bourne shel in which BASH is based, Generally it is the symbolic link for BASH
SHell in Linux system

TCSH: This is the shell which is based on the earlier C Shell

CSH: C Shell=> This is the C shell

KSH: Korn Shell, This is developed by taking the best features of CSHell and Bourne Again SHell a

ZSH: Z shell, more extending shell than Kshell and add more features from previous shell along with
the additional features.

In linux Shell scripting most of the users run the BASH shell as it is the default Shell in the system


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